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Belajar Sulap Angka - Magic Square dan Trik Lainnya

Belajar Sulap Angka - Magic Square dan Trik Lainnya  

  Magic Square

Magic Square is a kind of box "n x n" consisting of several kinds of columns, in which if the numbers in each column are added vertically, horizontally, diagonally (and many other methods) produce the same result. To master the magic square, you are required to memorize a formula. The formula for magic square 4 by 4 can be described as follows :

  d memorize the formula (which I believe could be very easy), it will help you to produce magic square number in less than two minutes and make you look like a math genius.

And this is the example of the application of real magic square, when you add the number in each columns vertically, horizontally, diagonally, adding the four corners, adding the four squares in the center, it gives you 49 as result. Pretty cool, huh?

And if you want to develop the magic square to 5 by 5, you can use the formula in the box :

 I believe you can easily memorize this formula of magic square and create better way to present mathemagics. Had enough? No...we still able to develop more sophisticated magic Square, 6 by 6 as long as you could memorize the formula. So, it's all about memorizing and acting like a genius in math.

 After all, magic square is very easy trick in mathemagics, and it can help you to present a magic within science. For me, magic with number is cool and easy to do.






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